Friday, 19 February 2016

Stamping with MoYou London

Hello all! Today I bring you something new to me via MoYou London. Stamping!

The quality of the MoYou stamping plates is unreal. They look like little works of art, really sturdy little artworks. The plate feels solid and is backed by white plastic to give you something to hold on to when cleaning etc.

The little envelope that each plate comes in features instructions on the back, and is an excellent place to keep your plate when not in use to prevent scratches and any other potential damage. Now it seems obvious, but don't forget to take the blue plastic off before stamping!

The eagle-eyed amongst you will spot that the plate I'm featuring is Kitty Collection 11 (oddly enough the only one that actually features any cats...). The plates themselves run at £4.99 per plate, and I'd say give the quality and detail of each plate they're well worth the price. I perhaps should have started with a more pattern based plate as a beginner, as trying to get the images straight and centred was incredibly difficult. I'd also highly recommend the XL plates for anyone just starting out stamping, as they're easier to line up with your nail.

I also really should have gone will the round stamper instead of this rectangular one. The edges of my stamping don't quite catch right and I've been ending up with bits missing! As they say, hindsight is 20/20. The stamper is lovely and squishy and a pleasure to use when it goes right. I do wish the scraper was a little bigger. It was a bit of a nightmare scurrying around with the tiny scraper trying to cover a full size image whilst the polish is drying.

On the subject of polish I've learned that you can't stamp with every thing. Matte polishes and anything with glitter (except microglitter), do not work, and your polish must be a certain thickness to achieve a full solid image. Best tip I've had so far is to open the bottle and pull the brush straight out, if the entire brush is covered and you can't see the black bristles through the polish then you're onto a winner. Of course MoYou London do their own stamping polishes which I may investigate next...

You can purchase MoYou London stamping gear here, with plates starting from £4.99.

What about you guys? Ever tried stamping? Anything you can recommend?

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