Sunday, 17 January 2016

NPW does Owl Hand Cream

Hello all! Today I bring you an owl. No, seriously look at this thing! It's so cute. A Christmas gift from one of my work friends, I can't help but find it adorable.

The different colours indicate the different scents, with purple representing Lavender (I have seen the all gold creme brulee and I want it bad).

The thing that surprised me the most was the weight of this, I expected it to be so much heavier. It's nice that it's so light; makes popping it into a bag easy and you can just carry this cutie round all day without hassle.

The actual cream is a standard affair, hidden in a small pot under the head (given the size of owl I thought it was going to deeper). Non-greasy and a fairly strong scent, it does soften the skin as expected and would work equally as well as an all over moisturiser. The lavender isn't overly floral, more herby than anything else, and doesn't overpower when on the skin.

The main appeal is the owl shaped casing, because heck that thing is cute, and I can attest that it does make a nice gift to those who either love owls and/or cute things.

Now I have seen these in Pylones stores, but I cannot find them on their website nor do I have an exact price (I think about £6?). Amazon seems to have some too, so your best bet might be to Google npw Owl Hand Cream if you find yourself desperately craving an owl shaped fix (and how could you not?).

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