Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Lush does Valentines 2016

Hello all! Today I bring you the brand spanking new Lush Valentines collection freshly purchased from Lush Cambridge. I have three bits from the collection, as I missed out on the Lover Lamp bath bomb due to it already being sold out!

Lookit those pretties! I'm curious to see a lot more shower creams hitting the market, and pleasantly surprised by them.

Prince Charming is a scent we've seen previously, but not as a shower cream. Super sweet, but not in the same way as your Snow Fairy, I've found that the shower cream packs a stronger scent than the previous gel with the added bonus of feeling more nourishing to my skin. I'll admit I was expecting much more of icecream kinda smell from this, with much more of the Vanilla coming through, instead you get a very deep fruity scent. Much more sorbet than icecream, but still very yummy. At £4.95 for a 100 bottle, it doesn't break the bank for those craving a Lush treat for the shower.

Forgive me whilst I mutilate a popular quote: It's so shiny I'm gonna die! I'm assured that no unicorns were harmed in the production of The Unicorn Horn, but just look at that thing! Glitter, pastels, and rainbows all wrapped up in a perfect swirl. My biggest surprise with this was how it smelt, I was expecting Candy Mountain candyfloss and sugar, instead I got floral. A very delicate lavender scent has filled my bathroom, and I can't help but feel seriously relaxed. Now my understanding is that this is a redo of last year's Unicorn Horn, primarily lacking in those little stars and it's a lot better put together in my opinion. The colours meld together better, and the amount of bubbles you get from crumbling it under the tap has also improved. One other quirk is that water is now more pink than last year. So if you desire flowery unicorn joy in your bath then for £4.25 you can have it!

#They're painting the roses red#
Those who love Alice in Wonderland get yourself down to Lush and grab one of these cuties. Roses All The Way is a rose scented soap, (and not in the same way as those little old lady ones), inspired by the scene where the playing cards are painting the roses in the garden for the Queen of Hearts. It doesn't quite smell of Rose Jam, but you're on the right lines. It's a creamy cleansing beauty, and I love the whimsy of it. Especially the presentation instore with them all sitting in their big green soap "bush" ready to be plucked. At £4.25 per 100 (each rose is 100g) you can enjoy a little touch of Wonderland.

Undoubtedly I will grab a Lover Lamp and put up a review when I do, but for now enjoy Lush Valentines 2016!

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