Sunday, 31 May 2015

Man go Pouffe

There is an eternal struggle in my world currently... the Boy and his love for Pears soap. Multiple options are being trialed; rhubarb soap was one, and there was an Original Source shower gel (and this is where the newest trial comes in). So today we have I Love...Mango and Papaya Shower Gel and Bath Creme.

Please note the pouffe...I'll come back to it. Right! Shower gel! This stuff smells delicious; it's incredibly fruity, kinda like a sorbet in a bottle. It's fairly thick and lathers up very well, especially combined with the pouffe or a scrubby mitt. And so much better for my skin than just soap! What's great is that I can also pop a smidge under the tap to use it as a lovely moisturising bubble bath as well.

The I Love... range is nicely affordable (£2.99 for 500ml!), soap and paraben free, and has a pleasant range of scents to choose from. The products range from lip balms, to body lotion, to bathing products like this one. You can find some of the range at various outlets, but superdrug is a good bet for the majority of products.

You can find this particular bottle here.

Now the pouffe, the Boy managed to use up the entire 250ml bottle of Tea Tree and Mint Original Source in a week. So fast I didn't have time to take photographs to review it! And so I can heartily recommend grabbing a scrubby pouffe, not only to limit the amount of shower gel your other half may pour into his hand, but also scrubbing will exfoliate off that dead skin and produce a huge amount of foam to make your shower gel go further.

What about you guys? Any tips to make shower gel go further? And what's your favourite shower scent this summer?

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