Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Am I feeling Angelic...

Today, not so much if I'm honest. However you are not here to read about my problems, unless they are make up related! So I bring to you Angel Wings by Ciaté. Oh Ciaté I struggle so very very hard to like you, and this is another delightful example as to why.

At first Angel Wings looks like just a sparkly white, loads of micro glitter in a pearly base. Fair enough, but what my camera can't capture is what happens when the light hits. That micro glitter sheen isn't just silver my friends, oh no, we have here a range of pink and turquoise, as well as silver and white. The result? A polish that seems to glow all on it's own. I'm wearing it currently as a pretty alternative to my dotty manicure I'm so fond of

Formula wise it goes on very smoothly, but you will need a fair amount of coats if you want it opaque from the bottle. I popped mine over one coat of OPI Alpine White, and still needed about three or four coats to get this look. It's a dream to dot onto too, no slip and sliding here!

And here is why I struggle to love Ciaté the way I should. The packaging is gorgeous, and the colours are amazing. I love their advent calendars, and finding them at a discount gives me all kinds of happy. However their wear time is horrendous. I did my nails late on Sunday, three days later I'm rocking chips and tip wear (And that's with two layers of Seche Vite too...). Given the full price for one bottle of polish usually comes in at £9, (Angel Wings is currently £6.30 in the official sale here), I expect so much more from Ciaté. It's a problem I've had with all their paint pots, no matter the outlet.

As for those of you wondering the other colours in my dotty manicure, have no fear I'll be reviewing those in the near future..

What about you guys? Am I alone in my Ciaté struggle, or just seriously unlucky when it comes to my paint pots? Any tips to boost chip resilience?

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