Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Brush up bright

People ask what makes make up look so much better on some people than others. Is it the product? Is it the preparation stages? The skill of the person putting the make up on? Whilst these may all play a part, I believe that is truly down to the tools you use, the right tool for the right job will do wonders, especially with good quality tools.

Now for a couple of years I have heard people lust after MAC brushes, and as an owner of a full set I can say that yes they are good but are they the pinnacle in brush achievement? Well no. For a start they're dull, sleek but oh so dull! Also they are not within everyone's budget, (had I not been gifted my set I would only own max 4 or 5 of what I do own, and the powder brush would not be among them!), so again not ideal. Lastly they're not classed as vegan friendly, which for some people is a major negative. Don't get me wrong, as I said, they are very good quality and will last a lifetime if you take good care of them (regular brush cleaning, don't pull on the hairs etc etc), I just want to see some thing new and exciting to hit the brush market. So far the only fun thing in my kit is my trusted Tokidoki Kabuki!

Well it would appear we have a contender in the form of Spectrum Collection! I am so very exciting having found this lovely company on Facebook. Take a wow at these!

I'm squeeing already, and they haven't even launched yet. That eyeliner brush has my name all over it; loving the helpful angle, (I am the queen of shaky hands with my eyeliner), and look at all that colour!
This summer is going to be all about power bright pigments, so why shouldn't your make-up brushes be just as bright too? All you colour queens, and fun loving fashionistas please take note, these need to be in your make up bags.
They tick all the boxes MAC missed out on; bright soft, vegan friendly and cruelty free using the highest quality synthetic hair, they launch this April with the debut range of 22 Individual Professional Brushes, a limited edition 7-Piece travel set (the purple/black kit at the top of this post, which has me singing Gimme gimme gimme!),Blending Sponges and neon tip Kabuki Brushes (watch out Tokidoki...)
They're aiming to deliver a series of limited edition brush sets throughout the year, based on beauty and catwalk trends, so watch this space for future releases.
Now I can imagine you're wondering just how much of a hole you need to make in the bank vault for these? The best bit I can offer, they're going to start at £2.99. Yeah, I know right? Amazing!

For more information, and to purchase come April (they will be exclusively online) please check out their website at

Let me know your thoughts!

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