Tuesday, 18 February 2014

She's Electric!

#In a family full of eccentrics, and I feel alright#

Hello Urban Decay! Welcome back to your roots. I don't know about anyone else but I am sick of Naked this and Naked that, yes they are lovely, however it was Urban Decay's big bold brights that first made me sit up and take notice in my early twenties/late teens. They were exciting and fun, and made my mother take a step back. Even now I'd rather wear gold than nude, and give me a chance to wear any form of green or purple and I will!

So to see the preview of this upcoming palette made my aching inner artist squeal with joy. I am salivating at the idea of a bright summer, and it looks like Urban Decay will deliver come March for the US, and a touch later for the rest of the world. Sometimes that pop of colour is what you need to look energised and confident. Bright lime Freak looks like it may shake up my midweek look, whilst yummy deep Jilted and Fringe seem to be my standout favourites for now, but I'll pass full judgement when I get my brightly coloured manicure into it (courtesy of Michael Kors and the OPI Brazil collection [I hope!]).

What about you readers, bright or nude? What wins out in your world?

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