Tuesday, 19 May 2015

And I'm back; with my working basics.

Sorry all, took a bit of an unexpected hiatus at the end of last year due to personal reasons and health issues. So I'm back! And with me I bring my everyday essentials, the products that bring me up to acceptable on those mornings. You know the ones I mean, where you didn't quite get enough sleep, you left the toast in too long, and you forgot that one report/folio you really needed today...sound familiar? Yep, those mornings.

These little beauties are my life savers:
Aussie Miracle Dry Shampoo in Mega Instant - I find this great for two purposes; the days where I woke up 20 minutes too late and only get to grab a quick wash down, and the mornings where I'm looking a little flat in the hair. I've been a faithful Batiste user for ages until this popped up in my 3 for £10 (Thank you Boots!). Sweet fragrance and, whilst a little sticky, keeps the greasy residue my hair is prone to away all day.

Collection Coloured Lengthening Mascara in Black, and Eye Definer in Black - Who ever said you needed to spend loads on your everyday products was so very wrong. What I love most about these, aside from the itty bitty price (£2.99 for mascara?!), is that they fit so neatly in my handbag side pocket with their slim profile and neat shape. I'll admit the mascara is better than the eyeliner, and lasts the whole day without smudging, but for a quick fix in the morning these are just the ticket.

Last but not least is my MAC cremesheen lipstick in Mystical. This was a limited edition from last year in a faint rose hue; a good dupe if you missed out on this is Morning Rose. A very wearable colour, it doesn't dry out as badly as I've found some MAC lipsticks do, and comes with that yummy caramel butterscotch scent to give you that little pick me up.

So that's my little on the go kit that I am never without! What about you guys? What are your little pick me ups for those days when the morning seems to have gotten the best of you?

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