Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Viktor & Rolf make me feel sweet

With the party season in full force, and not stopping anytime soon, you tend to find this is when your favourite fragrance tends to run a little low and you start considering new options to pop on your Christmas list.
Now if you're a bit a girly girl then Viktor & Rolf have you covered this season!

Better known for their infamous Flowerbomb, BonBon is the latest offering from Viktor & Rolf. Now it did launch much earlier this year, but as a fun sweet party fragrance I think this is perfect for this time of year, and it makes a darling Christmas gift with the bow shaped bottle (I cannot express how much I love that bottle).

I will say that the initial scent hit can be very sweet, especially if you're used to something more floral/classic, but it settles down fairly quickly and has a lovely lingering fizz that lasts several hours. There's something oh so flirty about this scent. Similar to Prada Candy, but not quite as heavy if I'm honest, and I much preferred BonBon for long term wear.

What I also loved was that on the inside of the box you are invited to join a reward system with an instant payoff from your first purchase  (yep you get goodies right off the bat with these guys). I received a mini spritzer and body lotion of Flowerbomb, which has enticed me enough to plan on buying a full bottle as and when I can afford it. Wins on all sides I feel there!

So that's my party choice this year, what will yours be? Sweet and flirty? Deep and sexy? Or pure classic indulgence? Shout out and give us an insight into how you get party ready this season.


  1. I love bottles with bows, but this bottle IS a bow :) I haven't tried it yet, but I will!

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