Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Beauticology does Gingerbread Christmas.

Boots has its fantastic 3 for 2 on gifts at the minute, including a whole bunch of Christmas only goodies. Included in this is a little offering from Beauticology, that looked so cute I couldn't resist!

I loved the gingerbread tin! Useful for storing little goodies, such as bath bombs, nail varnish, buttons, whatever takes your fancy really. Unfortunately that's about the only perk I got from the gift set...

Upon opening the tin I was greeted by my three treats. Now the inner looks lovely, but don't let that fool you; I was disappointed by just how cheap it felt, and this continued to the packaging of the products too, especially the vanilla frosting (more in that disappointment later).

The Gingerbread sparkle bodywash was about the only product I enjoyed in this little set. The smell was yummy, and the slight sparkle gave a festive hint. Cute, very sweet smelling, but not overwhelming in wow factor if I'm truthful.

It was better than this though... I wanted a fresh fruity scent that would give me a zing in the morning, I got chemicals. Not a fruity note at all I'm sad to say, a real let down. At least I didn't splash out on the big versions!

And then there's the Vanilla frosting. I wanted it to be lovely and light and delicious smelling, but we don't always get what we want and this was one hell of a reminder. If someone told me they'd just thrown e45 into the crinkly thin plastic tub and stuck a pretty label on, I wouldn't be surprised.

Yes, the set is only £8, but I felt like I'd paid for the outer packaging and the gingerbread bodywash only with that £8. Sadly a Christmas miss for me, all style no substance. Ah well, onto the next one!

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