Sunday, 23 November 2014

Candy Cane cravings...

The run up to Christmas is fast approaching, with every company releasing Christmas editions and charging us extra for putting it in a plastic bauble (I'm looking at you No.7)...

However I do find myself excited over this little candle from Bomb Cosmetics.
Bomb seem to be growing in popularity, which given their wonderfully whimsical products it doesn't surprise me. Look out for bath bombs with ducks swirling round them, cupcake bath melts, and teacup candles. Their Christmas range features a similar girly fun throughout, and I couldn't resist the thought of my house smelling a little bit like my favourite winter treat.

Candy Cane wasn't quite what I expected; I had anticipated a fresh winter mint scent with a hint of sugar behind it, similar to Yankee Candle's Candy Cane Lane. What I got was warm caramel, and sweet honey which, whilst very pleasant and homely, isn't what I would call a Candy Cane.

That said, it is a lovely candle to have. Not too strong, or sickly, just pleasant. The tin is pretty, without being overly Christmasy, and I found the little red and white hearts a nice touch. Not sure on the blue though, perhaps white might have been a better choice, but it does match the outer of the tin. The blurb on the tin does say there's supposed to be a cinnamon note to the scent, but so far after 5 hours of burn I've got nothing. Not even from the little red hearts.

At £7.99 for 35 hours burn , it's a nice little treat for Christmas that won't break the bank, and you can find it here:

Expect more Christmas bits soon!

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