Saturday, 1 November 2014

Lush does Christmas 2014

So I'm sitting here in my bath enjoying, not only the novelty of my waterproof phone, but also one of the many offerings Lush has for Christmas 2014. Now Lush tend to be pretty good with their holiday releases, and this year is no exception (aside from Halloween, I needed another Sootball...)

Currently I'm stewing in what the boy thing has nicknamed my cauldron of Candy Mountain bubble bar.
Look at all that pink and white sparkly prettiness! Rereleased this year, it captures a sweet girly innocence with the scent of vanilla and bubblegum. Those who enjoy Snow Fairy, (yes she's back again too this year!), be sure to give this moisturising beauty a go.
Now if you're looking for something a little more spicy, reminiscent of hot mulled wine in front of a crackling fire, you must pick up a bottle of Hot Toddy. Oddly it is quite a masculine scent, but I kinda love that; it would work well with Pomegranate Noir from Jo Malone. What instantly makes this a Christmas must have for me was the colour and slight shimmer of gold throughout the gel. A brilliant little stocking filler/secret santa present!

I've never been a huge soap lover I must confess, as I find shower gels just so much easier and hygienic, but looking and behold Lush managed to impress me this year. If you're addicted to the smell of caramel, as I am, then Yog Nog is the one for you.
A delicious scent of creme brulee like you would not believe, and such a creamy texture! Your skin will be thanking you right into New Year for this compact delight.

Another soap that smells utterly delicious and looks sophisticatedly rustic is Reindeer Rock. (Thank you to kiltedtwizzles for letting use her image on this one)
All I can say about this is that I feel like I'm washing with Wine Gums! A good berry scent, without the usual sweet sickliness. Also reindeer. Really cute reindeer.

One I didn't purchase but can't help making a mention of here is Fairy Ring.
How cute is that! I'd feel awkward knowing which bit to cut up... I had to give it a miss though. The idea of a shitake mushroom soap intrigues me, but until they improve the smell this is going to be a no for me. A little too earthy, and the smell of mushroom does permeate through the jasmine. A delight to look at though!

The Lush Christmas collection is in stores now, and features a much larger range than I've covered here, and will undoubtedly have something for everyone. Prices start from £1.95 and go up from there.

So are you ready for the Holiday season? What's your favourite part of this time of year?

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