Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Feeling Rosey

Ah rose gold. This colour is everywhere these days, from watches to nail polish, to jewellery, to hair colour! Stands to reason that make up companies are going to cash in on this serious trend, and I for one am loving that.

Rose gold is one of those hues that depending on the intensity, and the amount of copper tone used, can suit everyone. I mean it. Pale metallic, to brighter orange copper there is a shade for everyone, and if you find the right product you can use it for everything. The metallic element can be used as eyeshadow, an on the fly highlighter, heck I even mixed a touch of my absolute favourite MAC eyeshadow (Lorelei from the Aquatics collection) with my lipstick once to give a little shimmer. The pink element to those rosy hues means that it doesn't come out as harsh as gold, or silver for those who love that touch of shine.

This is Rimmel's offering to the altar of trendiness, complete with their headline girl attached; Kate's Shadow Stick in 100 Rose Gold from the Idol Eyes collection.

My initial thought was "Wow, that's more coppery than normal", but stick with me.

The Idol Eyes collection is supposed to be all jewel toned rich colours, and in terms of brighter colour payoff this doesn't disappoint. It goes on like a dream too, utterly smooth and boy does it last!

The Kate Shadow sticks are supposed to be water and smudge proof, and having worn this in a downpour as well as all day at work, I can confirm the truth there! So if you want to wear something in the pool this is the eyeshadow for you; I'll be trialling it in Spain for that purpose.

The speed and ease of application is actually why this stick has made it into my working basics, but if I wanted to layer it up for an evening look I could do too. No brushes, no fuss.

It is less orangey and more metallic actually on the lid, and thus far hasn't slipped even on my oily lids. If you fancy a more intense shimmer I'd suggest popping your favourite metallic powder shadow over the top for a bright party look.

So what about you guys? What are your thoughts on the rose gold trend? Is it still going strong, or have you had enough?

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