Friday, 12 June 2015

How very Italian!

Hello all! Today I bring a slightly scuffed spicy red lipstick that has lived in my beauty box for far too long and yet not been touched; Dolce & Gabbana Italian Monica.

Trust me the packaging used to be gorgeous. Now this lipstick collection was inspired by the fabulous Monica Bellucci, of soon to be Bond Woman fame and international sex symbol, and if there is one lipstick that screams confident sexuality it is this one.

You want pillar box red colour with high pigment and an elegant shine? Voila, Italian Monica is your girl.

That colour doesn't fade ladies and gentlemen. However it does bleed...but a good lip liner will sort that out for you, and with these high impact reds you should be using one anyway. I recommend Urban Decay Ozone, as I like my liner to be secondary to my lipstick, but any good quality red should suit.

What I do love is the glamorous feel to the packaging, that gold case and the D&G imprinted into the lipstick all come together to create an iconic luxury that makes you feel special.

The formula is great, creamy and high impact. Touch drying though, and that was why I put it aside. I'm not great with the remove/balm/reapply regime I'll admit. I like my lipstick to stay where it is all day.

So if you want to feel a bit sexy, or channel your inner Italian Bond Woman then you can find it here, or at the counter in Harrods (if you're down that way).

So what about you guys? How do you feel about hot reds? And what's your go to sexy lipstick?

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