Tuesday, 9 June 2015

The saviour of the clumsy nail artist by Barry M

Hello all! You'll have to bear with me, things are a bit manic with planning for holiday, hen days, and work being work, so I might go a touch quiet every so often. So today I bring you an offering from Barry M!

Now I am a clumsy nail artist, I hold my hands up and confess my faults. I'm terrible at keeping my edges clean, and I always mess up my right hand in one way or another. Sound familiar? Fear not! Barry M have your back.

With their Nail Paint Corrector Pen it does pretty much what it says. It's perfect for cleaning those overspill, without taking a chunk of polish with it like cotton buds can do. The angled tip is great for accuracy and shaping, and Barry M have been kind enough to supply two extra tips!

Acetone free, the blurb says it is supposed to smell of melon...let's just say I hope I never have to eat the melon they based that scent off.

Now it can drag if you're trying to remove a thicker polish, and you can't really use it whilst the polish is wet/tacky, but it makes for a good post clean up just to neaten off the edges.

At £4.99 it's a neat little tool to have, particularly if you've not quite mastered that perfect single sweep yet. You can find it here or at most drugstore cosmetic retailers.

What about you guys? Any top tips for clumsy nail artists like me?

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