Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Twig + Dot Candles: a soy delight.

Hello all! Today I shake off the Christmas dust that develops here, and restart blogging fresh. I won't make a resolution to improve my blogging frequency, because realistically I will let myself down, as life in retail gets hectic. Anyways! Candles!

Now today I bring you some very lovely little candles from Twig + Dot.

I'll be telling you about two of these four, as the other two seem to be discontinued now (shame as they were lovely!).

Twig + Dot are a small batch British candle company, very proudly stating that each candle, with its mix of soy and mineral wax, is hand poured in Great Britain. Essential oils provide the delicate scents, and for such a small company they're doing rather well. My favourite little quirk of theirs is the ability to sample the scents before you dive into a  larger candle. Now, the scents themselves:

Cinder + Smoke is a deep scent, mostly encompassing, as the name suggests, a smokey element tempered by lavender and earthy tones. I love this as a rich scent, and it fills a room with a warming smell reminiscent of bonfires on late summer evenings. It was far more floral than I expected, but not spring fresh florals, instead think more heady sexy flowers and you're there. Perfect for a quiet night in this time of year. I will also note here how much I like the presentation of these candles, the clean look should fit nicely in any home and I find the little white jars quite stylish.

Clean Slate is right at the other end of the spectrum; light florals with a hint of rain, I find this perfect during the day. This is one for those who enjoy an aquatic element in their perfume, and who love irises. Seriously, that smell of freshly rained on irises pervades like nothing else I own, I adore it.

Twig + Dot have done an amazing job with these candles, and I can't fault the sophisticated air that they invoke. Grown up scents in beautiful presentation is always a win, no tins in sight for these guys!

And now the prices, would you believe me if I said that each votive here only cost me £3? I know right. Once you've decided on which scent you adore the most then you can get a 230g jar (which will, according to their website, burn for 30/40 hours) for just £16. I received a little set of taster wax melts with my order too which was a nice touch.

You can buy Twig + Dot here, and I highly encourage you to do so!

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