Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Body Shop does Christmas 2015

Hello all! Today I bring you more Christmas, courtesy of The Body Shop. Whilst I've focused on the Christmas newness, there are plenty of gift sets available for every price range across what seems to be every product they currently stock. And now on to my little selection!

Despite massive temptation, I didn't grab everything from the new Christmas release, just my favourite bits. There is an extensive range from classic body butters and shower gels, to shimmer scents and bath fizzers, and all at a fairly reasonable price.

I'll start with my little Glazed Apple set, since for only £8 it was a Christmas bargain. Included is a mini 50ml body butter and shower gel, and a little shower pouffe. The smell is oh so yummy; a crisp green apple freshness tempered by sweet vanilla tones. It's not fruity, and it's not sickly, it reminds me of toffee apples but without the cinnamon.

As always with Body Shop body butters the texture is smooth and light, with barely a hint of greasy residue. If you're looking for a secret Santa gift this would be in my top five recommendations.

This is my favourite scent in the range, fruity and rich; I've received plenty of queries about what my new perfume is! The surprise when I explain it's just my hand cream is amusing. For £4 you can grab a tube of Frosted Plum for yourself and marvel at an atypical Christmas scent. I had anticipated sugar plum, but this is much deeper and lacks the sugary sweetness. It feels more grown up than the rest of the Christmas range, and I can see myself going back for more. After use my hands do feel nourished, and very soft, a plus in this bitter weather we're experiencing right now.

Lastly I have Frosted Cranberry bath fizzers. Cranberry is one of those scents that only seems to appear after Pumpkin Spice has finished, one that we don't immediately associate with Christmas but it's always there. The Body Shop have embraced this whole heartedly, and included some curious additions to the range. I honestly don't remember the last time I saw Body Shop bath fizzers, and the little pink cubes remind me heavily of Turkish delight. As for the scent, there's certainly a strong sweet fruity element, and there are plenty who will love it. I however am not included in that group. It was the oddity of these that made me pick them up, but I find the scent too powerful for my delicate nose, but don't let that put you off if you love a robust fruity scent in your life.
As for the fizzing...well it turned my bath baby pink straight away, but no bubbles to speak of.

So that's the three new Christmas scents from The Body Shop this year! My stand out favourite is Frosted Plum, but I can see many people loving all three. You can find the entire selection here starting at around £3.

What about you guys? Is it still too soon for Christmas? Or do you embrace the season with open arms no matter when it appears?

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