Sunday, 8 November 2015

Lush does Christmas 2015!

Hello all! Today I bring you Christmas, courtesy of Lush. I know it's only November, but you tend to find that the really good bits of the Lush Christmas stuff sell out rather fast.

I hasten to add that this isn't everything, (not made of money), and there are some repromotes this year. All in all it's a great collection, and there is something for everyone in it.

First up is my absolute favourite bit from this year The Magic of Christmas bubble wand. Holy Duck I cannot get enough of this scent! For those of you who adored Hot Toddy last year (as I did), but were sad to not see a repeat this year, then this might just make up for it. Spicy sweet, and packed full of cinnamon and clove goodness, you can reuse this wand time and time again. It's a stunner too, with that shimmery gold finish and a proper cinnamon stick handle.
Grab these quick, because I foresee this being a top choice for Christmas gifters. Especially at a stocking filler price of £5.95!

And who's this? Why it's Peeping Santa! A little bubble bar, very similar to the bubbleroons we've seen from Lush in recent times. Mine is missing the tip of his little Santa hat, and his sparkly strawberry flakes, but he still released a powerful strawberry and vanilla scent when he met my bath water. Interesting note he did turn my bath water bright red. At £3.95 it's not a massive expense to have Santa under your tree and in your bath!

Ah Yog Nog soap. I loved you last year, I love you this year. The creme brulee scent is the same as last year, the formula is even creamier. A dream to wash with, I feel rather pampered whenever I use this and my poor tortured winter skin loves me for the buttery softening texture.

Snow Fairy is back! Grab the big bottles whilst you can this stuff is the perpetual Lush Christmas favourite. What's a little different this year is that the glitter is holo blue as opposed to silvery as in previous years, but the candyfloss scent remains as delicious as the day I first tried it. You'll find a whole host of Snow Fairy scented products this year, including Candy Mountain (a repromote from last year), and a Magic Wand. Long live the Snow Fairy, she's here to stay!

I'm still undecided on Shower Jellies. The texture confuses me greatly and I just can't keep a hold on them whilst in the shower. I'll make the effort for this though. Crisp apple scent in bright red jelly? Yes please! And yes Santa's Belly does wobble like the old rhyme said.

I'm told popping it in the freezer and then using makes it an even better treat, and helps to intensify the smell. What excites me the most is what is hidden at the bottom as a Christmas surprise...

Hello hidden star glitter! Why yes I am a big child when it comes to stars and glitter, and seeing this combines both, you can imagine how I squealed. You can grab a mini pot of Santa's Belly for just £3.95 and enjoy to your heart's content.

So that's my Lush Christmas haul! What I love most is that these make wonderful little gifts for people, either as secret santa presents, or stocking fillers, or just as that little something extra. If you want to give a bigger present then you can just scale them up too, particularly with the soaps and shower bits.

You can find the entire Lush Christmas collection here, and there is a lot of it! As I said though, you might have to grab it fast before it's gone.

So what about you guys? What have you loved from this year's Lush collection? Is it too early to talk about Christmas still?

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