Monday, 23 November 2015

Christmas by Guerlain 2015

Hello all! Today I bring you a snowball and some snowflakes, courtesy of Guerlain. I know it's still not December, but this collection has been incredibly popular and I suspect it might be slightly hard to come by now.

I am of course referring to Neiges et Merveilles (Otherwise known as Winter Fairytale).
This collection appears to have taken the beauty world by storm, with the coveted jewel in the Crown being the snowball you see above: Météorites Flocons Enchantés.

Make no mistake Guerlain is perhaps a little more pricey than most of us are used to, however this Christmas I'd say it's worth it. For a start just look at the detail in the lid of that delightful snowball, which is perfectly hung inside the demi-sphere that forms the lid of the box (yes, that's a box). And contained within are tiny treasures.

Those familiar with Guerlain Météorites will know the light defying properties of those little balls, those who aren't then when I say these produce a glow like no other I am not exaggerating. Fans of the strobing trend will adore these little pearls. My favourite bit, the stars. Oh my god the stars. Okay they're supposed to be snowflakes, and if you want an intense highlight you can crush one up, but they're so pretty as little stars.

The other thing I loved about this was the tiny powder puff and hidden mirror inside the lid. The powder puff added a touch of traditional glamour to my night stand, though I find myself preferring to use a fluffy brush for application instead. I cannot find a fault with this product at all, except that I wished there were more Météorites contained within, and I shall treasure this until it runs dry.

The other delight I picked up whilst I could was Rouge de Guerlain in Merveilleux Rose, and I couldn't be happier that I did. I was told by the petite french lady serving me that the casing design was created by a french jeweller working with Guerlain this year. It is the pattern you see throughout this collection, and it features on the inside of every box containing a piece of the Neiges et Merveilles collection.

It features the same essential case design as most of the Rouge de Guerlain, where upon opening two mirrors are revealed, and a magnetic closure with the lid. What I will say is that this is not a delicate product, it's heavy as anything and there's no hint of fragility, it's built to last. Again with this kind of craftsmanship comes a higher price tag than most will be used to (averaging at £30 for this particular lipstick), but for something that looks and feels so special I wouldn't hesitate to pay that price.

The colour is exceptionally wearable, for both day and night. A slightly pearlised mid pink, it has an excellent colour pay off and could be layered up for a more intense finish. Me, I'd just wear it as is from the tube and enjoy that freshly kissed look it gives my lips.

So those were my two favourites from Le Neiges et Merveilles Guerlain Christmas collection, and apparently they are the most difficult bits to get hold of currently. I'm not sure if Guerlain is releasing any more units, but by the looks of things what's left is all that's left on beauty counters, so if you spot a lone snowball be sure to grab it sooner rather than later! (Seriously, that snowball is rarer than hen's teeth right now)

You can find some of the collection here. Sadly not all, but some. I adore this collection, and the feeling of old school glamour I get from using it. I get to feel special, and that alone justifies the price in my view.

But what about you guys? Could you justify expensive make-up from the feeling it gives you? Or does it have to be something else that makes you willing to pay that little bit more for something in particular?

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