Friday, 30 October 2015

Bomb has me Incensed!

Hello all! Today I bring you a gift from my sister. I don't often say this, but my sister is rather awesome. Having earnt herself the position of head of HR for a Yankee Candle distributer, and passing her driving test first time, she's doing rather well. Anyways, she sent me a delightful Bomb Cosmetics bath blaster called Incense and Sensibility.

I needn't hark on about my love for Bomb Cosmetics as I have done on many occasions but for those just dropping in they are an organic handmade brand specialising in the whimsical. Not to mention they're rather good value for money.

This smelt lovely from the moment I opened it, I think patchouli is fast becoming my favourite scent next to vanilla. That sweet spice is just yummy. This features essential oils of both the aforementioned patchouli, and Ylang Ylang to simultaneously scent the bath and soften your skin.

What amused me about this were the curious little jellies in the top of the blue froth.

They seem to what contains a large amount of the essential oils and take far longer to melt into your bath than the rest of the blaster. I also think they're what turns the bath water bright fuschia.

I will say don't expect bubbles from this one, yes there's a fizz but nothing spectacular I'm afraid. The fizz is all the good stuff releasing into the bath water and then settling.

Turns out The Boy quite likes this one too, because the scent isn't too heady, and he's getting used to the strange coloured baths.

So a thumbs up for this blaster!

What about you guys? Any Bomb fans out there? Can anyone recommend anything else with Patchouli in it?

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