Saturday, 29 August 2015

Nars takes me to a Parallel Universe

Hello all! So house hunting is hard, and the property market moves far too fast. Any tips out there for a busy busy girl trying to find a nice apartment? :/ Anyways! Today I bring a delight from Nars and their collaboration with Christopher Lane, otherwise known as NeoNeutral.

Gotta say, a younger version of me would have been all over this collection with its bright blushers and look at me lip colours combined with quieter notes to bring out those loud colour pops. Yet as an older working type I find myself more inclined towards the softer shades that aren't quite so graphic but have a delightful shimmer, such as this little duo called Parallel Universe.

Hello shimmery lilac and beige! Also the size of these are fab; I was expecting dinky little pots so was pleasantly surprised. Love the quality of Nars packaging too, sturdy with a massive mirror and the rubberised finish feels awesome.

Look at all that shimmer! It glides on beautifully, and the texture is so very very silky. The pinky purple isn't quite as in your face as it appears there, and both of these even out well. If you want more of an impact then I'd advise layering them up, but if you're after subtle they're a brilliant little fixer.

The colours are super feminine, yet with the added shimmer I feel like these are very wearable as both day and night shadows, if used correctly.

You can pick up this little duo here for £25. Not bad given that NARS are giving away a free mascara with purchases over £50 at the minute!

So what about you guys? How do you feel about bright colours in your make up? Do you reach a certain age where it isn't appropriate anymore?

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