Friday, 7 August 2015

The candle that smells of...nothing?

Hello all, many exciting things happening in my world atm including moving job and house! So today (after many weeks delay) I bring you a candle from Kew Gardens. A lovely light summery Freesia and Pear offering in a pretty tin packet...

At least that's what I thought I was getting.

Yes, the tin is pretty and would sit nicely in most living rooms or bedrooms, (wouldn't recommend it for the bathroom, the papery bits got soggy).

The candle itself is pure soy, made in the UK, and is scented with essential oils. The Kew Gardens range is supposed to evoke the scents of the Royal Botanical Gardens in London by using natural oils and other good things. Which it does, until you light it...
In the unlit tin it smells delicate and bright, and I was excited to have a room reminding me of summer florals. Only problem is when you light said candle there is no scent! I thought this was just me, so I asked The Boy his opinion and he concurred, the candle smells of nothing.

One other annoyance is that despite correct candle care (trimming the wick etc) it burns quite smokey, especially when first lit and after being extinguished.

It does last for ages though; Kew Gardens reckon it's a 40 hour burner, I'd be more inclined to pop it at 65/70 hours. So at least there's some value there.

So I'm afraid to say that I was rather disappointed by this purchase. It might just be my candle, but having scoured the reviews of other Kew Garden tins I don't seem to be alone in my lack of scent issue.

Should you wish to give a go, you can find it here at £10.

What about you guys? Any surprisingly scentless candles? Is there anything I can do to improve the scent?

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