Thursday, 16 July 2015

Cowshed for the Sleepy Cow

Hello all! Today I put the overseas editions on hold, (there's at least three more, including some Spanish products), to bring you a restful night's sleep courtesy of Cowshed.

Now I've been struggling to get a good night's sleep for ages, and I utterly blame The Boy for this... Not once has he whacked me in the face, elbowed me in the head, talked at me etc. So in my John Lewis splurge I thought we'd give this a try, seeing as both myself and The Boy quite enjoy a bath.

For a start I cannot get over how delicious this  smells; a lemon sherbety calming kinda scent that you can't help but go ooooo at. And that was before I even popped it in the bath!

I'm a touch of a packaging diva and I loved how robust this felt and the inner lid is a brilliant thing for travelling with it. I like the soft blue and starry skies on the label, and got excited about my potential decent sleep before I even popped the lid!

Texture wise it's very fine, almost like caster sugar, and can get a bit messy that intial opening. I used about 3/4 heaped tablespoons of the stuff, but I forsee this lasting a while as the fine nature of it has it packed tight in there.

Now if like me you've never used bath salts before don't expect bubbles, and don't open your mouth near the water... in hindsight the word salt should have given me an indication that this stuff does not taste good in water. Last time I have a conversation with just my nose poking out... All the salt dissolves without leaving a residue too, great if, as I do,you prefer your fiction gritty, not your bath.

Did it help us sleep better? Eeeeh, jury is still out on that one. It did smell lovely, and it was really relaxing, but The Boy continues to disturb my rest so I'll keep you posted. Did make my skin feel pampered though, thanks to the vitamin E its got going on.

At £16 for 300g you can find it here, or at John Lewis.

What about you guys? Any sleep solutions you can recommend?

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