Sunday, 5 July 2015

Overseas Edition: Charles Worthington does holiday hair

So I'm no longer in Spain *sad face*, but I'm still going to call this the overseas edition given that they were tested whilst on holiday. So today I bring you Charles Worthington's Sunshine Protection shampoo and Conditioner.

I picked this up in the airport during Boots 3 for 2 on holiday minatures (I needed deodorant, it was there, I thought why not...). Turns out that little whim was a fantastic idea.

Now being on holiday is great for our sense of wellbeing, etc etc, but it is hard on our hair. Salt water, chlorine, sand, drying out in the sunshine, all bad things. What Charles Worthington have done is create a combination to aid your hair recover whilst still enjoying everything your holiday has to offer.

Everyday day my hair turned from crispy to shiny and silky soft, not to mention shiny and manageable. I was seriously impressed with how well it dealt with my dried out beach hair, without leaving it feeling stripped and dry. I was washing it twice a day (I like a swim in the morning, what can I say), and it helped with the potential beach tangles too.

My one issue, and this is probably down to washing twice a day, was that by the end of my two weeks I was out of conditioner. Now my hair is only mid-length, long haired ladies stick to once a day or buy a second bottle to take with.

The packaging is cute to boot, and next time I'm out of the country I will definitely give it a repurchase!

You can find it in Boots in the travel minis section, currently still on 3 for 2 at certain outlets (airport).

What about you guys? What is your favourite hair saving product whilst on holiday? And what about those with coloured hair?

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