Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Ciaté take my fancy

Can I just sing the praises of TK Maxx just a little here? Two Ciaté ripped to shreds foil manicure kits, but still with the paint pots in at £4 each, and then a freebie paint pot because the guy behind the counter saw I was buying the other two sets and another nail polish bargain of 3 Orly polishes shoved in a bag at £2.99 (pricing mistake on their part but
who am I to argue?!) Yes two of the paint pots are missing their adorable bow but at £8 for the three, with nail wheels and nail effects glue I'm not going to sniff at that. Right onto the actual polishes!

Again my lighting sucks but aren't these three pretty? From left to right we have Kiss Chase, Cream Soda, and Pepperminty. All painted here with a basic one coat but I would seriously recommend a second and top coat.

Kiss Chase: A vibrant almost neon pink, whilst not really my first choice in colour would suit any pink loving girl to the ground. A perfect summertime colour or if you just fancy banishing those winter grey clouds and grey moods. The only thing I will say is that it is very neon in certain lights.

Cream Soda: Soft dove grey, this is what I had hoped Essie's Chinchilly would look like out of the bottle. A really pretty neutral, I think it will look great in the work place with a high gloss top coat, as well as a base for some of my silvery glitters.

Pepperminty: It is, as it says, a bright pastel peppermint that says fresh and fun. A colour pop that a business woman feeling bright and breezy can get away with. I'm in love with pastel colours on nails right now, and loving seeing the matching trend in clothing,; Pepperminty will make a lovely addition to that palette.

The Ciaté formula is very smooth (despite the pebbling effect my nail wheel always gives my polishes...), and the brush is a good thickness to cover the nail in a few strokes (or less if you're a dab hand, unlike me). I've had a hankering to try their paint pots for a little while, and they have lived up to their expectations. Now I just hope TK Maxx will magically get hold of a bottle of Oil Slick...

What's your current nail trends? Are you embracing the deep vampy winter colours or banishing those clouds with fresh pastels? (Don't worry Vampy lovers I've got something lined up for you too).

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