Friday, 24 January 2014

Oil Cleansing for the first time, courtesy of Shu Uemura.

So oil cleansing, who has tried it? As a sufferer of oily skin I initially recoiled at the thought of putting any thing oil based on my skin, but Shu Uemura grabbed my attention and having read up on the concept I took advantage of the half price offer I posted a little while back.

Again it's part of the 6 Heart Princess collection, which I adore and cannot wait to see what else (if anything) comes out in the range. Love the packaging so much!

Right! On to the actual cleansing! This is essentially Shu Uemura's Anti/oxi formula in a pretty sleeve, a rather large 450ml worth. The basic process is that you place the oil formula on to your perfectly dry face, wait for a little bit, emulsify the oil with a touch of water, rinse and then dry with a clean dry cloth (towel if you lack a ready supply of random dry cloths, as I do). The box instructions say you should use 3 to 4 pumps, but in all honesty 2 do my entire face. Upon feeling the liquid I freaked out a little, it felt so greasy and slippery, but I persevered and I would advise anyone to do the same, because wow. My skin felt tighter and looked brighter from the get go, and a few weeks later my skin feels soft and looks so clean and bright. Big thumbs up there, but it isn't all rainbow hearts... Whilst it does melt makeup (which felt so good after a long day!) it struggled with my eye makeup and left me with panda eyes I had to scrub off. Maybe I didn't leave it on long enough (couple of minutes), but after what I'd read I anticipated more in that aspect. Also don't expect it to deal with blemishes, spots are still making appearances and pores don't seem to be getting much smaller, but skin tone has improved and texture is definitely on the up. one advantage I hadn't anticipated is that since starting to use it I haven't required a toner, the cleansing oil does it for you! Clean and tight but not too drying, all good with me ^-^.

Will I repurchase? Maybe, but the bottle is massive and the 2 pump regime isn't making a dent so I doubt I would need to in a while.  I'll let you know in a month!

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