Monday, 6 January 2014

Kitty gets a little Naked

The title makes this sound more enticing than it is...or does it?
Today we have a piece from the now infamous Urban Decay Naked range; now don't get me wrong I like the natural look just as much as the next lazy professional woman but I do miss the days when nude shades weren't the be all and end all. I liked my Urban Decay bright, velvety and in pots shaped like subway tokens, but hey the world moves on and so do I. That said...I really rather love this little gem.

Urban Decay's Naked Basics double ended 24/7 eye pencil in Crave/Venus. Like all of the
24/7 eye pencils this glides on like a dream, and the staying power of these pencils is amazing (just watch out if you're an eye rubber like yours truly). What I love about this offering is the versatility of the product.

Crave is a not quite black, on the cusp of brown colour, which if you're like me and don't fancy wearing a harsh black everyday for work and play is ideal. Layering it up with a smokey black or dark brown shadow can take your look from saleswoman to sex kitten without too much fuss, especially if you prefer a softer smokey eye.

Venus is my little dynamo buy though, a pale nude with a slight pearl sheen to it which is perfect for lining the waterline. You can make your eyes look wider and brighter utilising a pale colour on the waterline, and if you're a night owl like myself it can help to tone down those nasty first thing bloodshot eyes. White eyeliner can look harsh though and not as natural as you might want to achieve. Gold is great for party season, or if you want to shake up your look, but perhaps not everyday. So here we have nude! And it is brilliant, giving me the middle ground I need to be subtle and shimmery. Similar to the Scandaleyes nude eyeliner, (which I highly recommend as a less pricey alternative, or if you just want the nude end), but with a smoother finish in my opinion.

Top tip and unexpected bonus with this was the smudge factor of Venus, where should you ever be in need of a quick highlight but out of your current favourite and in a rush, or travelling light, you can smudge up a touch on your required area and the pearly shimmer will do the rest!

Not sure if I'm swayed entirely by the whole Naked Range, but I would be more than happy to repurchase this and perhaps slightly more inclined to give the rest of the range a go (if only I wasn't so broke...come on pay day!)

What about you? Do like some colour in your life or do you prefer to get Naked?

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