Friday, 24 January 2014

Maybelline takes on the street.

So I wander through Superdrug and what catches my eye but the new top coat collection from Maybelline Colour Show. The Street Art collection is bright, eye catching, and funky, and adds an interesting edge to nail art. Glitter and texture top coats haven't really grabbed my attention so far but I couldn't resist spending my reward points on two of these beauties.

Now I get the idea behind these and I love the concept, splattered paint to mess up your manicure for an edgey look, but do they achieve what they set out to do?

Short answer: kinda.

From left to right: Boom Box Black on top of Sephora Leaf Him at the Altar, on top of FCUK Black, White Splatter on top of Cream Soda, on top of Orly In the Navy, Boom Box Black on top of Essie Chinchilly, White Splatter on top of FCUK Black, on top of Ciaté Kiss Chase.

Boom Box Black: A pale lime green and jet black mixture of non-metallic glitter particles. We've got small hex, medium hex, micro glitter, and micro strands all mashed to give a really funky look. It needs to be layered up to give that splattered look as I have done here on my nail wheel. I utterly love this effect, and if I'm honest I wasn't sure about the colour but thought I had to give it a go, and it is so much fun! On top of any colour it looks bright and funky, and after trying it out over brighter colours it looks so summery!

White Splatter: Non-metallic white, metallic turquoise and purple mixture of multi glitter. Again you have medium and small hex, and strand glitter, but in general it's a chunkier mix of bigger hex and strand pieces, with some micro glitter thrown in for good measure. I had my classic case of in the bottle love, actual polish mehhh. It looks fun over darker polishes, and layered up it gets close to what I expected, but in general it's kinda ehhhh. If you like a chunkier glitter you may love it but I think the other offerings from this collection are much more fun and achieve the splatter look much better.

After loving the green in this collection I'm going to be grabbing Alley Attitude, (bright blue and black, in a similar style to Boom Box Black), with my Boots points next week. Cannot wait!

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