Sunday, 5 January 2014

L'Oreal clouds give me a silver lining

I never said my titles would be good...
So I've done perfume, it's now on to nails. First up two from the L'Oreal Color Riche range, Blue Reef and Sublime Platine.

First off I apologise for my lighting, I only have a basic lamp installed in my room right now. And with that out of the way I move to the formula of these two: not too thick but opaque enough to get away with one coat if you so wish, I would always advise two for good measure. The added bonus with these is the built in top coat, which means if you're feeling lazy (or in a rush) you can skip out on your top coat. Personally top coat is a must in my world (still searching for 'the one' sadly). The L'Oreal brush is gorgeous in these and is a huge bonus in the painting process, picking up a good amount of polish and distributing it evenly. Colour payoff was good too and similar results to what it looked like in the bottle. I will say that upon drying Blue Reef darkens to more deep green than blue tint but still a fantastic workwear colour in my opinion.
Because you can get away with one coat if need be, the drying time is not as long as I'd expected, and so I partook in some nail art. Utilising a gloriously simple tutorial from The Nailside, which can be found: here , I was able to create these beauties.

The third colour is Barry M 312 Indigo, which I will review at a later date. Did I mention how much I love Sublime Patine; superbly metallic and as true to an actual silver as I have ever found. Brilliant for those wanting a base for glitter polishes or as an eyecatching solo manicure.
All in all a good showing from these two little bottles! I do need to try more of the Color Riche range, especially the infamous Confetti, but so far so good! Additional points for being a good price too, only £4.99 from Boots.

Top tip: if you're finding your polish settles in the grooves around your nails then make use of a cheap artist's fineliner brush dipped in acetone to clear away excess pools.

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