Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Miss Manga is a Miss miss.

There's a bit of a theme today, a tenious one but it's there. Now I'll admit something, I'm a huge anime fan. This last year I've indulged in more than previously; Attack on Titan, Free, Blue Steel Arpeggio and The Unlimited have all been on my watch list so far. Anyways back to beauty. First up an offering from L'Oreal, Miss Manga mega volume mascara.

I'm ashamed to admit I only bought this because of the name, but I was intrigued as well to see if it could deliver the claim of more open looking eye. Upon opening the brush is quite claggy initially but doesn't leave as many clumps as expected.

Formula is very wet at first, allowing for layering, but just watch your lowers incase of splodging. One issue is how hard it dries, meaning you risk the dreaded spider legs if you try to layer up later. It does make your lashes look longer and somewhat thicker but overall volume seems about the same as other good drug store alternatives. I will say that it works well on the bottom lashes, giving me a doll like appearance. Not really my thing, but effective for those who like that look. The supposed 360º bendy brush was...well honestly there was no point to it. It only bent when pressed against a firmer surface and immediately sprang back; if it had stayed in position as I'd expected from the promo images then I might have seen the point, but in reality it's a pointless gimmick.

Ignoring my wretched tired eyes you can see the results without eyeliner or using a curler. Perhaps could have layered it more to get a darker result, but truth is I won't to grabbing this again. Cute packaging and a nod to Japanese culture aside, I wouldn't have tried it in the first place, especially at the full price of £8.99. Sorry L'Oreal, you're not worth it, but let's see if you bring out any more of this range

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