Wednesday, 29 January 2014

May your Valentine be Lush

So the happy heart day approaches, and like most holidays I'm a bit of a scrooge/grinch/anti-fairy about Valentine's day too. Why should you require a specific day to express your love? Why not spend everyday doing that if you love someone? But anyways, this does mean that we see a whole bunch of limited edition cosmetic items hit the shelves in all loved up colours and themes. Lush is no exception this year, with pink and hearts galore everywhere.
Top tip: Don't expect the staff to know what they have as limited editions, as the team member I spoke to only pointed out one item from the collection to me...
There actually 6 major Valentine releases and 3 themed gift sets and two of their scarf wrappings. I won't go through the whole lot, just brush over the major releases.

Neon Love
According to others there may have ben a bad batch of this on the shelves which simply smelt of cheap plastic soap, as opposed to the strong bergamot scent it's supposed to have. Did smell like spicy ribena in the shop, so they may have solved the problem, but if I'm honest their soap has never thrilled me so I gave it a miss.

Love Locket
The idea is that you break it in two and get 3 baths out of one bomb, reality is though that the colour or scent isn't that strong if you do that and isn't that part of the fun? Kinda average floral scent in my opinion too. Not really worth the £6.95 price tag.

Prince Charming
Pomegranate and Marshmallow, should have been a winner in my world...sadly not. Not a great scent in the bottle and then when on it just smelt of turkish delight which I can't stand. However if you do like that kinda thing then the scent does pack a good punch and lingers with you for a fair part of the day.

Tender is the night
Actually a Valentine's re-release that's being inducted into the permanent collection. I was torn between this and Close to you as my new massage bar (the boy and I tend to go through them quite fast...). The vanilla is more subtle in this one, with a touch of a floral accent, also just a smidge firmer than Close to you.

Close to you
This eventually won out because it was just a touch softer than Tender is the Night? Also this one is still just a limited edition. Really sweet vanilla candy-esque scent from this, that makes me feel a touchy frisky (vanilla has that effect on me). Melts to the touch and I love the simple design.

The Kiss
Mandarin scented and flavoured, leaving a slight pink tinge on your freshly plumped lips. Packed with shea butter this leaves your lips wonderfully soft, for a little while. Kinda drying in a short space of time I found. The pink tinge isn't bad, though not really my colour.

(Bit of a storm kicked up about the image on the front of the case here, as Lush are running an lgbtq friendly campaign at the minute stating that love is for everyone,  yet it appears to be a standard hetero couple in the artwork)

So are you feeling loved up? Will Lush fill your lust? Grab the collection Here

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